Lace and Scallops

Hello Lovelies!

 Happy Thursday! With a couple cups of coffee you’ll be well on your way to Friday to start your weekend!! Thats always good news right?  🙂  Today i am here to show you guys this GORGEOUS dress!!  It seriously has everything I love! Lace, scallops, sheer nude paneling, pops of blue! I couldn’t have made a more perfect dress myself.  This is a new dress we got in at the Boutique   and I wanted to share it with you, because I think this dress would be perfect for a lot of different occasions! Dinner Dates, Bridal Showers, Wedding, Graduations, and so much more.  Its really comfortable, not to short (I’m 5’8″) and sexy in all the right ways!   I hope this post helps inspire you guys to find some staple dresses for spring and summer!



Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress

Lost Lover Lace Dress


♥ Lost Lover Lace Dress – HERE




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